Swelling can be a sign of kidney disease!

Turkey is faced with kidney problems in 14,6% of the population. Severe pain and vomiting may indicate renal calculus, frequent urination, pain during urination and fever may indicate the presence of infection, newly begin high blood pressure, anemia and swelling in the body may refer to first signs of kidney failure. Smoking, obesity, salt and sugar are first lines of forbidden list.

When the world average is taken, it is stated that this rate corresponds to one in each 10 people and this shows the importance of chronic kidney disease.

While it was estimated that there would be 2.6 million dialysis patients worldwide before 2010, the fact that this number increased around 5 9 million in 2010 indicates that the disease has increased much more than thought. In the whole world; the fact that diabetes and hypertension are the first causes of 60 percent of end-stage renal disease patients shows the importance of combating these two diseases.