RFM Dialysis Center

In order to provide qualified and reliable dialysis services, our entire company, which started its service with the first center across Altınpark in partnership with the Mandıroğlu Family and Eczacıbaşı-Baxter in 2003, was taken over by the Mandıroğlu Family in 2006.


RFM Ankara Renal Treatment Services Inc. continues its leading service in the sector with centers opened in 2008 at Yenimahalle, in 2011 at Mamak and in 2020 at Etimesgut with the aim of carrying RFM quality to other districts of Ankara.


All of our centers provide service with technical equipment that is considered first class in developed countries of the world at independent buildings which are designed as dialysis center.


As RFM Dialysis Centers; we aim to continue to provide the best service from now on with our understanding of service that protects the rights of our patients, provides accurate and up-to-date treatment services at contemporary standards, and adheres to ethical values.