Management of Quality

In RFM Dialysis Center, Units of Quality;

  • By having meetings at least 3 times a years
  • By making self-evaluation at least once a year
  • By checking the quality indicators

It ensures the coordination of the work carried out within the framework of SKS dialysis, and the planning and execution of quality improvement studies.

Management of Document

In RFM Dialysis Center;

  • Planning the processes of applications and put them into writing
  • Fulfillment of applications in accordance with written rules
  • To ensure that quality studies are managed effectively

All documents used in the processes are passed through, formats, web page, numbered and approved by the higher units.

Notification System of Undesirable Situation

In RFM Dialysis Centers;

  • To provide notification of undesirable situations that may threaten the safety of patients and employees, that are about to occur at the last moment (near-miss) or that have occurred,
  • Observing this situations
  • An unwanted event notification system has been established to ensure that necessary measures are taken against events as a result of the notifications. These incidents are resolved by monitoring the notification, analysis and reporting system, and by providing employees with training on the Unwanted Event Reporting System.
Management of Education

In RFM Dialysis Centers;

In the direction of quality enhancement, necessary educations for patients, patient relevant and employees are given in effective and efficient way. Some of those educations are as follows;

  • Prevent infections in dialysis units
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities
  • Education of Quality Standards in Health
  • Falling Education
  • Education of Kitchen Hygiene, etc.
Patient Experience

By looking at services that are provided in RFM Dialysis Centers from the perspective of patients, providing satisfaction of patients and patient rights in all process of service; It is ensured that both patient and also patient relevant are respected and taken services carefully.

Healthy Working Life

By looking at RFM Dialysis Centers from the perspective of employees, an ideal and safe working environment and infrastructure are provided for healthcare professionals.

Patient Care

It is ensured that all patients receiving service from RFM Dialysis Centers receive care services at the best standards within the framework of scientific rules and in a way to ensure patient safety and satisfaction in the period including the admission to the dialysis center, the completion of the treatment and even the monitoring of the process afterwards.

Facility Management

In RFM Dialysis Center, it is targeted increasing life quality of patients and patient relevant during the time they are in our centers which was designed as independent dialysis center and was equipped with high technology by prioritizing quality.

In our centers that make a difference in the understanding of dialysis centers; Our ultrapure water system, which is equipped with equipment accepted in the developed countries of the world and includes the highest standards of endotoxin and bacteria filtration unit, ensures that our dialysis services are of higher quality.